Project Description

A wedding perfect needs perfect lightning and DJ Wedding NJ is proficient in making a wedding perfect. Our team has proved it through our perfect lightning at the wedding ceremony of Sarah. On her demand, we settled a meeting and collected her opinions and designs about the lightning. Our team then visited the venue and planned the strategy for the lightning her big day. With our dedication and perfection, the wedding venue looked so beautiful just like a fairytale dream which not only mesmerized our client but everyone in that venue and others as well who saw the photographs.

Our client wanted the following from us:

  • Light up every corner of the venue.
  • Different lighting for different segments including fairy lights, spot-lights, disco lights, and many more.
  • Management of lighting throughout the ceremony.


DJ Wedding NJ satisfied and pleased me with their service and hard work. They lighted up my wedding day so perfectly and beautifully that everyone mesmerized after seeing it. My wedding day was perfect and beautiful all because of DJ Wedding NJ. I am really thankful!

Sophia Loren