Project Description

DJ wedding NJ has been famous for its stimulating and rocking DJ service in the town of New Jersey. Based on hundreds of satisfied testimonials from our customers, we were selected by Leo for our DJ service on his wedding day. We organized a meeting with him and wrote down all the points concerning his and her wife’s music likes and dislikes, segments for the ceremony, and added our personalized tunes and beats into that through which we prepared a combination of music for the wedding day. Our team played that blend of tunes on our client’s big day and our dedication and passion resulted in a continual energizing party and huge smiles and satisfaction from our client.

Our client required us to:

  • Prepare a combination of tunes and beats and play it continuously from the entrance of guests till the exit of the couple according to each segment.
  • Preserve a high level of liveliness and enthusiasm in the ceremony.
  • Keep someplace for the musical demands from the guests.


No one was ready to leave the dance floor and the energy levels were high on my wedding day. Everyone enjoyed it a lot. I am happy, satisfied, and thankful to DJ Wedding NJ for such a great service. Highly recommended!

Leo George