DJ Wedding NJ embraces its experience of years with many pleased clients.  Let us take you to one of our client’s destination weddings and show you how we astonished everyone and made our client’s big day a memorable one with our DJ in New Jersey.

Our clients Jenny and John appointed us for their destination wedding in Florida for which we moved from New Jersey to the destination venue and planned and prepared our music for the big day. On the wedding day, the venue was filled with extreme happiness and excitement as everyone was eager to see a destination wedding! In the beginning, our DJ played classical soft welcoming music for the guests and then combined it with a touch of different light instrumental poems for the entrance of Jenny for a fairytale moment entrance with her bridesmaid in the aisle Our DJ continued playing the combination of classical, dreamy and fantasizing music till the couple completed the vows and kissed each other.

The level of excitement and gladness levelled up after the ceremony and it was time for the party and our team was all set for it! We have conversed earlier about the musical taste of our couple. Our DJ started with thrilling party music which gripped the attention of the crowd and they began to clap and shout with energy and excitement. The party began with the dance of our couple for which our DJ played a blend of romantic tunes. After that, our DJ started to play for the guests irrespective of their age and gender which forced everyone to dance. As the ceremony continued, the dinner was served. Our DJ played soft music for that time period. After that, it was time for toasts, cake cutting, and dance for which we already had a list of music. Everything went great. Our DJs played a blend of tunes and music including a touch of hip-hop music and pop from the 2000s and other music which gathered everyone on the dance floor in no time.

Our Dj in New Jersey played all the hits which were loved by everyone. We collaborate and design our music according to our clients to make sure that they enjoy their big day with many recollections and we did the same with our couple, Jenny and John, by maintaining enthusiasm and happiness throughout the event.